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Perfect destination to visit during Covid 🏝

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  • Perfect destination to visit during Covid 🏝

    Hi everybody,
    Hopefully you are all very well even during this strange time.

    I was thinking some of you might need some time in nature after the lockdown and big city life.

    We are a small Eco Lodge on a remote paradise island in Lombok easy to reach from Jakarta by flight and then by taking a car for 1,5 hours.

    It's the perfect place if you like:
    -to relax and switch off
    -no cars or bikes
    -no noise except singing birds and the sound of nature
    -snorkeling & diving
    -good food (Italian and Indonesian)
    -animals (horses, cats, birds, goats, cows, turtles?)
    -kayaking & SUP
    -surfing (one of the best surf spots in the world Desert Point)
    Perfect for families ‍‍‍

    Due to the specious space and being outside a lot it's easy to follow social distancing if wanted.

    Maybe you like to have a look at the website or

    Feel free to contact us for special rates.
    Best wishes and all the best to all of you from Lombok,

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