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60 days in Ubud, Lombok, Sumbawa?

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  • 60 days in Ubud, Lombok, Sumbawa?

    Hi everyone, I have 60 days to spend in Indonesia, islands of Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa. Flying into Denpasar in mid-Feb, going straight to Ubud (skipping South Bali). Basing myself in Ubud for 1-2 weeks, and going around the North and East coasts, then catching a boat to the 3 Nusa's, and then the 3 Gilis, Lombok and then a boat to Sumbawa, overland to Bima, and flying out back to Lombok or Denpasar. And then flying out of Indonesia before the 60 day expiry.

    * Ubud (1 week)
    * North Bali/East Bali (1 week)
    * Nusa (The 3 Nusas) (1 week)
    * Gili (The 3 Gilis) (1 week)
    * Lombok island (1 week)
    * Sumbawa (1 week)
    * Extra time (2 weeks)

    My traveling style is extra tight budget, not interested in activities or attractions, just relaxation, massage, gastronomy, exercise, languages, etc..

    My question is should I include Sumbawa at the end or not? Thanks

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    If you haven't gone yet, I posted in another thread replying their plans for Lombok and Sumbawa.

    In short, my wife and backpacked across East Indonesia late 2019, Lombok and Sumbawa included. Sumbawa really depends on your activities. If you're into camping like us, I say do Pulau Kenawa. It's definitely worth hiring a boat out to the island and camp on this gorgeous savannah covered island with a hill (it may actually be green now but it was brown when we were there). Sunset and sunrise are amazing there. But it is completely bare except for 3 warungs and the occasional Phinis that stop by every other day or so bringing tourists to party. Other than that it's a great place to catch the stars and be in nature.

    Jelangah Beach is hard to get to but worth it. My comments down below.

    Bima is a big-ish city. The history is interesting but got jipped by the guy at the museum since he rushed us. Our highlight was hiking up Gunung Punce. Roughly 1000m. We rode to the foot of the mountain and struck a deal with one of the local youths to take us up. My comments below.

    I do recommend:

    go to Kenawa to camp:
    • bring an extra gas cartridge if you have camping stove, they don't have that at the warung, it does get windy and eats up gas
    • only a squat toilet is available at Ibu Nur's warung
    • when you get to Pototano Harbor, walk or get an ojek to the next town, don't grab a boatman at the harbor, he'll overcharge you like us (it wasn't clear in local blogs to hitch a ride with locals looking to go to Kenawa was in the town right after the harbor)
    • shades, hat and sun block since there aren't any cover at all - it's a savannah
    • food to cook or heat up if you don't want to eat at Ibu Nur's warung
    • have a local number so you can call the boatman to pick you up if you aren't hitching back with the same folks
    go to Jelangah Beach:
    • hitch a Damri bus at the town where you took the boat to Kenawa (if you decide to go to the island)
    • get off at Jereweh and find an ojek in the public square to take you to Jelangah Beach
    • stay at banana homestay - great hospitality and very affordable food
    • enjoy the beautiful sunset and break if you surf (world renown Scar Reef break)
    go to Gunung Punce:
    • there's a local outdoor shop run by some college kids who can take you up if you don't feel comfortable going to the mountain and asking around like we did
    • there's some history on the mountain - old colonial canons and a mysterious pestle and mortar on the way up
    • beautiful sunrise and sunset
    • bring lots of water - barely any cover on some parts and quite hot. don't rely on the springs or watering holes
    • windbreaker since the fog rolled in on us and the wind picked up at night so it was quite chilly even only at 1000m or so