We play pick-up ice hockey every Thursday night at the BX Rink, in the Bintaro Exchange Mall. All skill levels welcome, but we try to have a minimum age of 16 years or so, as there are some bigger guys who play. The rink is actually pretty nice:


This was some footage from a November 2014 tournament. The skill level at the weekly pickup is generally not this high, and the game play rarely (if ever) this intense. The point of showing the video is to demonstrate that we have a playable ice hockey rink in town, which is actually legitimate (as opposed to the other rink in town which you may have seen, which is plagued by missing pieces of the boards, scalloped ice all along the boards, and inappropriate boards themselves, with railings protruding out at hip level).

So, if you are closer to novice, then not to worry, and if it has been awhile since you last played, and find yourself packing on a few lbs. as a result of being unable to exercise in the stifling heat, then this might be the sport and group for you. Fee is generally 150,000-200,000 IDR per skate, depending on the turnout. We share the cost of rink rental and beverages.

If interested, then email: [email protected] (It may be months between my checking this email of this website, but I will check the gmail.)

Need equipment? Then please detail your needs in the email. Between us, I am pretty comfortable in saying that we will be able to put something together for you.

For address and location, please reference the rink website and phone #: