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Anyone interested in paintings ? :)

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  • Anyone interested in paintings ? :)

    Anyone here that's interested in paintings ?

    I am currently an art dealer selling traditional paintings directly from on the artist's behalf.

    Currently I am holding an auction on ebay, you could check out the links if you would. It would make a nice addition in your collections, wether you are an art connosieur, collector, or just looking to spice up your place.

    In a short while we will do live painting event at Melbourne, Australia. There will be gallery and auctions too.

    Here's the artist homepage on FB.

    And here's the ongoing auction link on ebay

    Or you can contact me at
    [email protected]

    Go ahead, check it out and thank you
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    Your painting is very beautiful. Do you have ship it to Indonesia?


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      Surrealistic Photoshop experiment during university practice and studying of collage technique.
      My first work for Artstation. Hope you will enjoy it.
      By the way, all my works is presented in my pocket notebook Unni:
      I will share it later, because there are a lot of works inside and my notebook was specially styled for this. This is one of my university project.