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  • WJWFA west java wild fish anglers

    Hi folks, WJWFA a top fishing club who promote sports fishing ethics of catch and release, habitat restoration, restocking, and education. Its been a great find for me as a very keen angler. I have to confess I was somewhat shocked to find fellow anglers who understand the importance of catch and release in Indonesian rivers. Likewise I was somewhat shocked to find some clean rivers in java that still hold sports fish like barramundi, black bass, and mangrove jacks. I have Joined wjwfa and helped in 2 mangrove planting projects with them. They have a FB page...well worth a look. WJWFA is worth supporting in my mind. Theres a long road ahead of these guys to bring back there rivers to what they once were, but they have made a start and despite the odds against them there numbers are growing. Future plans involve an education program to highlight the economic benefits of sports fishing to a local communities and the importance of maintaining and improving fish stocks and habitat. Apart from the more serious aspects of the club there also a great bunch of fishermen who great company to fish with. WJWFA is a self funded and was formed five years ago. Membership is rp 100,000 and for that you get a tshirt and hat !!! not to mention access to some great local knowledge and fun times. So if your a keen fisherman who would like to see thing improve in java rivers and have some fun doing it get hold of WJWFA on there FB page .
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