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  • aquavitae
    • May 2021
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    Liquor shop

    Dear fellow expats,

    in this pandemic situation alot of customers are changing their purchase behavior to online and if you're having a hard time looking for alcohol or even don't have the time to visit your local bottleshop please do check our shop through this website. (just enter your birth date, make sure you're of legal age of drinking)

    we offer online alcohol delivery nationwide, and as per now we have free delivery promo within JAKARTA area only.

    currently we do NOT offer instant/same day delivery. our fastest delivery service is NEXT DAY delivery which is 24 hours after purchase.

    our service available from mon- sat 09:00 AM - 20:00 PM. we are NOT open 24 hours, as we are just a human being who also want to enjoy our life too.

    catalogue and prices are available on our website. please DO NOT ask for items that are not in our website, because we truly believe in our selected items which means all the items there are tasted and carefully selected bottles that we find best in their categories, so i might be able to help you find suitable bottles.

    if you have any question do not hesitate to contact us through whatsapp (CHAT ONLY)

    Whatsapp : +62812-81-4848-65

    Follow us on social media for our portofolio
    Instagram: @aquavitaeclub

    Cheers and enjoy responsibly,
    your friendly bootlegger