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Looking for Authentic American bagels...

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  • Looking for Authentic American bagels...

    Since leaving the US in 2006, I have a tough time looking for authentic bagels and cream cheeses. I have tried few stores and always ended up disappointed because the so-called bagels here are actually regular bread/bun. I missed eating good bagels with cream cheese because I often eat bagels for breakfast. It's also the main reason why me and some friends decided to buy over an existing bagel outlet in Michigan. We ran the bagel outlet for more than 2 years and loved every moment of it. We loved making bagels and muffins, and smelling the aroma of baked bagels and muffins. Our bagels are sold to nearby cafes, high schools and hospitals. After some serious thought, we decided to start making and selling bagels, cream cheeses, muffins, and bagel pizzas again. Hence, D'bagels was born. But this time, we are making other American food items that are not well made in Indonesia. This includes chicken patties, beef sausages, Gravlax, and pizza sauce. To date we have a central kitchen and 3 delivery kitchens. 2 more delivery kitchen will be opened in few weeks. If you missed authentic American bagels, muffins, bagel pizzas, bagelwiches and cream cheeses, try D'bagels. The first bite will take you all th way back to USA.