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    Hi zzzaa,
    I hope that your move to Bandung went smoothly. Hopefully you have discovered Toko Setiabudi, the main expat supermarket in Bandung. It stocks several GF items, but like other places, they come in and out of stock so buy up when you see items available. Yogya supermarket in Jl. Riau has a wider range of 'health foods' than other Yogya stores. There is also a small health food shop on Jl. Riau that I have not visited yet. There is a smaller warung-style Health food store at Flamboyan Square next to Sushi Tei near the junction of Jl. Sukajadi and Setiabudi that opened in the past month or two. Next to it is a tiny juice bar with some GF cakes, although I am dubious about their understanding about contamination.
    1. Breakfast cereals are hard to come by in Bandung. There are two kids style cereals regularly available at Toko Setiabudi - Fruity Pebbles and a Chocolate bubble style cereal. Bob's Red Mill GF Oats come in stock from time to time. Quinoa and Millet are regularly available. I usually buy cereal when I'm in Jakarta or Singapore to supplement local options.
    2. Mom's Bakery, also near Jl. Riau, is trialling making GF bread and biscuits. They are on Facebook. I mainly make homemade GF bread using a combination of locally freely available Rice and Tapioka flours, and adding in Potato flour (Sangfen) which is available at Toko Setiabudi. If I have access to brown rice flour or Chickpea flour or other, then I can change my mix. I buy in Xanthan gum from overseas but understand you might be able to find it more locally. I have had no problem using local Baking powders. Beyond Treats will deliver their bread to Bandung.
    3. Toko Setiabudi regularly sells an American brand Rice Spaghetti and vermicilli. The Australian brand Orgran pasta comes in and out of availability, but with buying up when available, you should be able to maintain your supply fairly well.
    4. Cafe Oz in Jl. Bungur has several items that are gluten free. They are planning a new menu with a few more GF options in the coming months. Two Hands Full is a cafe on Jl. Sukajadi which does great breakfast & coffee - I just ordered the toast on the side for my husband to eat. Glossis on Jl. Hegermanah (behind Toko Setiabudi) does a yummy Creme Brulee!

    I have just started a FB page for Gluten Free in Bandung in order to share resources, so feel free to look out for that.

    Best wishes


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      Hi All

      i just want to add one list in gluten free solution you can order for delivering organic vegetable and fruit juice
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        I provide Orgran Pasta and Biscuit in Jakarta

        Originally posted by zzzaa View Post
        Hi, I have been diagnosed some years ago with coeliac disease and will be moving to Bandung in March. Unfortunately, I'm extremely sensitive to even the smallest amounts of gluten and have to be very careful with what I eat. I've read through the various threads on the availability of gluten free products in Indonesia and have several questions.
        (1) Does anyone know what gluten free (GF) breakfast cereals are available in Jakarta or Bandung, and if so, where and roughly what cost? I usually eat GF muesli and prefer cereals that are nutritious.
        (2) The same question for GF breads. Or would I be better off purchasing a bread maker after arriving and trying to find GF flours (if available)?
        (3) Any good sources of GF pasta?
        (4) Any recommendations for restaurants in Bandung that have some GF options?

        I know some of the threads have some older GF information and appreciate there may be some improvements in obtaining GF products recently (ever the optimist). Your feedback, will help me to know what GF products I should bring - so really appreciate any thoughts.

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          gluten free and top 8 allergens free Products

          Originally posted by ICS67 View Post
          How easy is it to find gluten free foods in Jakarta? My daughter has allergies to wheat, but also peanuts, dairy and soy products. Are there comprehensive supermarkets in Jakarta where I can find food for her? I am still in NYC and have no idea. Thanks!
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            I have just been diagnosed with celiac disease. Im finding it hard to find food that is gluten free in Jakarta/tangerang area and i am not talking about cookies or bred or cakes or snacks. Im talking about real meals, sauces, etc. most sauces here contains gluten, such as sweet and salty soy sauce, tomato ketchups, bbq and etc.

            it will also be helpful if anyone knows any catering that provides 100% gluten free meals. I am having really hard time because my tummy now is super sensitive.

            im quite desperate, if anyone has any information about these things, please let me know.

            whatsapp: 087771888800 (please no junk msges).


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              Originally posted by ThisIsTheng View Post
              ...Im finding it hard to find food that is gluten free in Jakarta/tangerang quite desperate, if anyone has any information about these things, please let me know.

              I know the problem because I also was trying to avoid gluten/wheat (even not having the disease) . I guess most processed food manufacturers don't care to inform or just inform that their product may contain traces of gluten . The few ones that do inform "gluten free" charge too much for their products .

              If I was in your situation I think I would make my own food and sauces as I don't trust the processed food manufacturers .

     (very few online stores selling "gluten free" products)