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looking for job as secretary / personal assistant

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  • looking for job as secretary / personal assistant

    Hi Im Indonesian and My name is Zie. I am 29 years old, I have background in management bachelor in Gunadarma University and my last experience is as secretary & Personal Assistant for Japanese Director (where our Headquater is in Japan) till the end of July 2021at South Jakarta and my company can't survive because of the pandemic.

    My deskjob before as secretary and PA
    • Check Email, corresponding Email, answer email, answer the phone calls.
    • Make Outgoing letter, power of attorney, letter of application for permission.
    • Take care of legal company (SIUP, TDP, SKT, SPPKP, NIB, and etc)
    • Take care legal of Japanese Director (ITAS, KITAS, LTKA, LKOA, and etc)
    • Make Cash Advance and Settlement Cash Advance for every month.
    • Coordination with consultant services.
    • Scanned invoices and incoming mail or letter.
    • Make Agreement and prepare legal company for Client.
    • Help with all the needs of the Japanese director (rent an apartment, pay for an apartment, pay for the salary of a maid, take money from bank and etc).

    I'm easy to socialize with the new environment, fast-learner, face-paced, enthusiastic and able working as team, willingness to learn and be responsive to new things, professional, hard worker, and responsible.

    Feel free to contact me.
    [email protected] / 082122519696.

    Stay healthy, stay safe, & have a great day!

    Best Regards