looking for job as secretary / personal assistant

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  • fauziahshahab
    • Dec 2013
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    looking for job as secretary / personal assistant

    Hi Im Indonesian and My name is Zie. I am 30 years old, I have background in management bachelor in Gunadarma University and my last experience is as secretary & Personal Assistant for Japanese Director (where our Headquater is in Japan) at South Jakarta and my company can't survive because of the pandemic.

    My deskjob before as secretary and PA
    • Check Email, corresponding Email, answer email, answer the phone calls.
    • Make Outgoing letter, power of attorney, letter of application for permission.
    • Take care of legal company (SIUP, TDP, SKT, SPPKP, NIB, and etc)
    • Take care legal of Japanese Director (ITAS, KITAS, LTKA, LKOA, and etc)
    • Make Cash Advance and Settlement Cash Advance for every month.
    • Coordination with consultant services.
    • Scanned invoices and incoming mail or letter.
    • Make Agreement and prepare legal company for Client.
    • Help with all the needs of the Japanese director (rent an apartment, pay for an apartment, pay for the salary of a maid, take money from bank and etc).

    I'm easy to socialize with the new environment, fast-learner, face-paced, enthusiastic and able working as team, willingness to learn and be responsive to new things, professional, hard worker, and responsible.

    Feel free to contact me.
    [email protected] / 082122519696.

    Stay healthy, stay safe, & have a great day!

    Best Regards