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  • An Individual HR & Legal Consultant - Red Leaf

    As one of the big nation in South-East Asia, Indonesia becomes main market for many foreign companies around the world. This condition triggered business situation tighter and have many potential risk in company daily activities. Because of that Red leaf was born as an independent consultant that specialized in contract drafting, internet research, business developing, and HR consulting. Red leaf has many experiences to solve problems of foreign company in Indonesia. The average of company problems was based on their improper business contract and also misunderstanding when develop program of human resource as important asset for company. With comprehensive method and able to mapping the problem properly, Red Leaf to solve your company problems with RED motto: Reliable, Efficient, and Dynamic.

    Here's several; services that Red Leaf Offer:

    Contract Drafting
    Business Dispute being the most time-consuming activity and will also decreases the productivity of the company. In Red Leaf, we will help you to create and review your contract business and other agreement based on proper regulation. So it will reduce potential dispute in your business activities

    Internet Research
    In internet research, Red Leaf will provide data numbers, facts, and detail analysis to support your needs in new market targeting, impact of company’s activities or any related business issue

    HR Consultant
    Human resource is an asset but it can be the opposite if the weakness of company management system not fixed immediately. We offer easiness for develop employee system in your company, and also will give solution for all your arising issue in HR Department

    Previous Achievement
    1. Decreasing multi-interpretation on business contract that have possibilities to reduce company’s bargaining power
    2. Manage system in HR scope more efficient and successful to increase employee satisfaction in working place by 8%
    3. Save time for preparing business analysis almost 15%
    4. Successful to conduct training of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Legal Review to HR members of company
    5. Research and Write Article for “Perwara Dinamika” with business Legal issues

    For more information about Red Leaf please visit

    Email [email protected]
    Facebook @redleafindonesia
    Phone (Whatsapp ) +62 821-5212-8873