Job Opportunity Abroad For Me!

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    • Dec 2013
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    Job Opportunity Abroad For Me!

    I'm not sure which forum this belongs in, but I'm looking for some advice from expats.

    I live in Indonesia & have just graduated from my Bachelor of Arts in Communication (broadcasting) studies degree. Yet I am interested now to work as tour guide, or any jobs which make me travel, though. Basically, I want to work abroad.

    I'm hoping there's someone else here who has experience doing something like this (or knows someone). Do you guys have any recommendation good tour agent or companies where I can apply?

    Thanks in advance!

    Life is a bumpy road. If you keep positive, you will be just fine.
  • marcus
    • Jul 2008
    • 9173

    I don't have any experience in this area . The only thing I heard in the tourism area is that some Indonesians work abroad in tourism cruise ships (hard work) . I heard that in Bandung there are schools to prepare people to do this type of work , one of this school is sponsored by one international cruise ship company .

    In general , unless you are a work expert in something , it is difficult to find a legal work abroad , except in some professions where a country does not have enough workers (like nurses in USA) .


    • ElephantMan
      • May 2017
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      I do not know your status now but if u are specialised as I was before in Indonesia, u can use some expatriate websites as expat job. I know plenty expatriate websites exist but by experience I found here my first job throught in the past with good advantages and all was legal. I don't know now but maybe I was lucky....