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Expat looking for job in East Java, Bali

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  • Expat looking for job in East Java, Bali

    Hi I m peruvian, staying permanently at Indonesia. I have skills as musician, education, tourism experience (worked in the cruise industry for more than 15 years). Can drive , with all legal paperwork.

    Can speak English, Spanish, and bahasa Indonesia (getting better little by little)

    Staying around java east and Bsli.

    Any opportunities are welcome. Thanks a lot.

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    For interested employers , be informed that only PT / Yayasan type companies can legally hire foreigners . Illegal hiring/working is considered a crime in Indonesia (up to 5 years in jail + fine of up to Rp500 million) .


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      Interesting to know . For supporting the families, (legal married with indonesian) are able to do it , independent , private.( I got that information in a immigration office )However , in big companies , sure those regulations and conditions are more strict .


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        Foreigners married with Indonesians and holding KITAS/KITAP sponsored by the Indonesian spouse , have some prvileges , but still cannot be hired by individual(s) or small/medium companies (in my view) .

        As I understand , one of the easiest way for you to work is : your Indonesian spouse opening a small business and you working informally in it .

        You better talk to the Indonesian Manpower Office about other possibilities (see below some allowed long time ago , not sure if still valid) . (how to contact Manpower)


        (translation from - discussion between some Manpower officers and Perca)
        A) Holders of KITAS/KITAP sponsored by spouse are allowed to work in the company (PT) during a full worl permit , including having IMTA .
        B) ...
        C) ...
        D) Case: Husband / wife of a mixed marriage with cuisine chef background want to open a small cafe, with a small seating area is classified as a small business and does not require IMTA. When this business grows crowded and large, than it is necessary to have operating permits from the relevant authorities . When the businesses becomes a legal entity, then this foreign worker must have IMTA.
        E) ...
        F) ...
        G) ...
        H) A foreigner holder of KITAS/KITAP sponsored by the Indonesian spouse is allowed to work in Indonesia. The need of IMTA is to be seen from what the job, workings for a legal entity or not, small or large business .


        Although the Immigration Law 6 of 2011 Article 61 states that the holder of a Limited Stay Permit and Permanent Stay Permit can work and/or do business to make ends meet for him/her and/ for his/her family, but still has to refer back to the Labour Law No. 13 year 2003 and Permenakertrans No. 12 year 2013, which essentially mean that a foreign worker in a mixed marriage is allowed to work without a work permit if in the informal sector, freelance or have a small business which is not a legal entity. When working in a legal entity then MUST have IMTA.]
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          Marcus ..
          are you a lawyer? You are well informed, thanks a lot for so much detailed information. Since my earliest days , trying to find information about our marriage (many years ago) The information provided was not clear, even till now...we are discovering new things on the way.
          I believe in law and to do things the right way. I did asked in the manpower office about working, and they told it was ok, as far as I dont have a "title or name " outside the business.
          As you mentioned in all the useful information above.

          At the end, we want to support our families like anybody else, following the right procedures.

          really thanks for your useful information


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            Originally posted by Juan Lavalle View Post
            (1) Marcus .. are you a lawyer? ...

            (2) The information provided was not clear, even till now...we are discovering new things on the way. I believe in law and to do things the right way...

            (1) No .

            (2) There are a lot of information in the internet , but unfortunately we cannot rely on a big percentage of that . This is why I started reading Indonesian Laws and Regulation which can affect my life here (+ some others for helping people) . From my experience , I have to read the rules myself to not depend on lawyers (the same applies to health/food , financial , technology , ... - in my view we need to learn as much as possible and depend less on doctors , bankers , sellers , ...) .