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Foreigner with MSc&Kitas search for a science job

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  • Foreigner with MSc&Kitas search for a science job

    Dear all,
    I Live in Indonesia and my wife is Indonesian and we have a child together.
    I am searching for a science job in Indonesia since Nov. 2018 but, it seems that i am looking at the wrong sites or area as non called me till now.
    I have master degree in Molecular Biology, Microbiology from Lund university in Sweden and made my thesis in Biotechnology division.I hold bachelor degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences from Egypt.I have more than 5 years of working experience in Pharmacy and 1 year in Laboratory as a project worker.
    So any ideas or help please
    Hossameldeen Elsabaa

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    fyi kitas is not transferable .


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      As i understood so far i don't need to transfer my KITAS to the employer so he can sponsor me.


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        That is true, you can work while being on spouse KITAS.
        For the work, however, will be hard as scientific research is on very low levels in Indonesia. You should contact some top universities. Some private universities are taking sometimes foreigners for lectures as well. I know that UPH (Universitas Pelita Harapan) does, and MSc should be enough.