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  • Looking for a science job

    Hello everybody! I am an Italian MSc student, currently doing an internship in Indonesia. I am looking for a job here in Indonesia, possibly in Jakarta, after the end of the internship in January. My fields are Biotechnology/Biology/Pharmaceutical. If you heard/hear something about jobs related to those fields, can you please let me know? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. Cheers!

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    Fran4gia , be informed that , except for very few cases of : ex-Indonesians and others married with Indonesian , holding specific residency permit , foreigners cannot legally work for more than 6 months if don't have at least 5 years of work experience . Illegal work is a crime in Indonesia (up to 5 years in jail + up to Rp500 million in fine) .

    Notes :
    - By the way , in my view , the same applies to internship , which involves partial work .
    - Even for 6 months work , a Work Permit is required .


    PerMen no.16 , year 2015 (Indonesian Regulation of Manpower Minister)
    Bagian Kedua
    Tata Cara Permohonan Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing / Request of the Work Permit
    Pasal 38 / Article 38
    (1) Untuk mendapatkan IMTA pemberi kerja TKA wajib mengajukan permohonan secara online kepada Direktur dengan mengunggah: / Request online with the following :
    a. bukti pembayaran DKP-TKA melalui bank pemerintah yang ditunjuk oleh Menteri; / Fee of USD1'200 per year
    b. keputusan pengesahan RPTKA; / approved "Plan of Hiring Foreign Workers"
    c. paspor TKA yang akan dipekerjakan; / Passport
    d. pas photo TKA berwarna ukuran 4 x 6 cm; /Photos
    e. surat penunjukan TKI pendamping; / Apointment of an Indonesian apprentice
    f. memiliki pendidikan yang sesuai dengan syarat jabatan yang akan diduduki oleh TKA; / Education in accordance with the job
    g. memiliki sertifikat kompetensi atau memiliki pengalaman kerja sesuai dengan jabatan yang akan diduduki TKA paling kurang 5 (lima) tahun; / Competence Certificate or 5 years of work experience
    h. draft perjanjian kerja atau perjanjian melakukan pekerjaan; / Draft of the work contract
    i. bukti polis asuransi di perusahaan asuransi berbadan hukum Indonesia; dan / Insurance
    j. rekomendasi dari instansi yang berwenang apabila diperlukan untuk TKA yang akan dipekerjakan oleh pemberi kerja TKA. / Recommendation of affected Government Departments

    Note : Translation at Google Translate , if necessary .