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Portuguese looking for Job in Jakarta

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  • Portuguese looking for Job in Jakarta

    Hello guys,

    [COLOR=#212121]My name is David, I'm 29 years and I’m Portuguese.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#212121]Last February I stayed in your country for four weeks on vacation with some friends from Indonesia.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#212121]I can say that i was delighted with the weather, with the way of life and those weeks made me realize that your country could be the opportunity of a life changing.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#212121][FONT=&amp]So, since my return, I’ve been looking on the internet for institutions or companies where I could develop my professional skills.

    [COLOR=#212121]I have a degree in Computer Science and I hold deep technological knowledge, but i can adapt for other kind of job, example restaurant....

    Anyone know some job?


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    Indonesia can certainly be life changing (See the dengue fever thread); good luck with your job search.


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      Thanks waarmstrong


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        Hi David, have you ever been to Timor-Leste? It has similar weather and lifestyle as most of other Indonesia's cities. Not so much as Jakarta, but more or less. I lived there from 2006 to 2008, and I met lots of portuguese. I also shared house with two brazilian guys. So, I think, you might have a great chance finding jobs there. You might want to check Fundacao Oriente, your ministry of education, or other development agencies. I'm sure your mother tongue will give you the advantage. Boa sorte!


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          Obrigado smilingstone

          I have my gf in Jakarta, i need find a job there.
          I'm taking classes to learn bahasa indonesian, at the embassy.

          Yesterday i sent a lot of e-mails for i have a answer of one, saying no want expatriates...but i will continue of course.
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            Ah, I thought you're interested in the weather and the lifestyle only. Girls make a better reason, of course!
            In that case, I wish you luck in your pursuit of happiness.


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              Yes, this is the most import reason i have.
              Thanks smilingstone


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                Originally posted by DGoncalves View Post
                [COLOR=#212121]... I have a degree in Computer Science and I hold deep technological knowledge, but i can adapt for other kind of job, example restaurant....


                Be informed that you can work legally in Indonesia only if the work is related to your degree . And besides a degree you will need some 5 years work experience . Foreigners working illegally may be penalized with up to 5 years in jail plus fine plus deportation plus blacklisting .



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                  Hello marcus,

                  I can not work in another area?
                  I have 6 years of professional experience.


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                    Unfortunately , the work experience must be related to the degree .


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                      Hello guys,

                      I continue my seeking for work in Jakarta.

                      Someone have any contact for help me?