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Importing Lifestyle Drink to Indonesia

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  • Importing Lifestyle Drink to Indonesia

    Dear forum members

    I have searched the forum quite in depth but unfortunately I couldn't really find the answers to my questions. I have also already read Deloitte's Customs Report 2012, which provides interesting information. However, I would also appreciate you to share your experiences, recommendations and outstanding questions on the below topic - thank you very much in advance:


    I am planning to import a drink from the European Union to Indonesia and to distribute it as wholesaler to night clubs, restaurants, bars, possibly gyms and later on through modern trade such as 7-eleven, Indomaret etc.

    The specs are as follows:

    • non-alcoholic
    • carbonated water infused with fruit (Lychee, Lime...), Guarana and other natural ingredients
    • drink comes in 0.33 liter aluminum can
    • producer sits in London, England
    • target market as stated above: night clubs, restaurants, bars, pubs, gyms, modern trade (I have a strong network among the target markets)

    The drink shall be a trendy/healthy alternative to alcoholic drinks (but can also be mixed with alcoholic drinks).

    My questions first and foremost are revolving around the company set-up and license requirements.
    • What are the preconditions for an importer?
    • What are the necessary steps?
    • What kind of licenses apply?
    • What are the costs involved?
    • How long will it take to receive those licenses?
    • What specific declaration (description) do we need to print on the can? (list of ingredients etc.)
    • What obstacles do we have to expect?

    We assume that this product could be massively successful in Indonesia. It has celebrated big successes in the Western hemisphere and Indonesia would be the first Asian market we would like to approach.

    For your information - I am already running a company (in a different industry) in Indonesia and I am well aware of the company (PMA) set-up procedures. I am specifically curious about the prerequisites to become a legal importer and re-seller of above mentioned product.

    Let me know if and how you can assist!

    Thanks a lot

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    You'll need, amongst other things:

    * import license - API, specifying food and beverages
    * SRP - another type of import license, for saying you are an importer.
    * drink will need to be for analysis with a science lab in Indo. or
    * do the above analysis through BPOM - this is the tricky part. Every ingredient will need to be supported with the original invoice from the producing company. Expect long delays, bureaucracy and corruption. You can bypass that by paying, but, completely legally can take anywhere between 6 months and 2 years for the BPOM number to be approved. It is then placed on their website, and you get a number.

    Most companies pay an agent - very difficult to do on your own. Looking at about 10 million per product - so, same branded drink but 5 different flavours would be 50 million. I know someone who may be able to help, if you want to PM me.

    We have gone through all of this, and it took near on 3 years to get our product registered. However, shop around 'cos the above is by no means set in stone.

    good luck.


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      Hi daggl318

      Please PM Your email address