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    I am looking for a translator between English and Indonesian in Surabaya for either October 17 or 18. It will likely be the 17th but it is still not scheduled yet. It will be for a dinner and probably some time after. My expectation would be 4 hours. I do not want any distractions from the conversation so the translator should eat prior to the engagement. If anyone is interested private message me. If anyone has any recommendations, please post them. Also please post or send rates.

    Thank you.

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    Would you like to send me your email? Or send me message first via pm. Thank you . Lia


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      Hello would you like to send me email at [email protected] ? I don't know why i can't find pm button to send you a message. Thank you


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        Not to be pedantic (she said, pedantically) but you are looking for an interpreter, not a translator. They are two different skills.

        Are you willing to settle for a bilingual person who will expect the conversation to pause while they turn from one person to another, saying "um, she said something about how she wants you to to..." or are you looking for a fully qualified professional who can do accurate, simultaneous work?
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          I prefer the professional. I am sure it will cost a little extra, but the meeting is important to me. Thanks for the correction.

          If you know the way find a professional organization or trade group, I would greatly appreciate that too.


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            Not wanting to subvert your thread by any means J, but I do wonder how your interpreter would deal with this - from Detik tonight:

            Go-Jek dan GrabBike terkadang kerap bikin pangkalan bareng di tempat yang tidak semestinya.


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              Surabaya Translator

              Where do I send my CV to?
              What kind of a meeting is it?
              What would the dress code be?
              Do you require a translator, or an interpreter?
              Do you have any specific requirements for the person such as gender, age etc?


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                Amanda, your English response is spot on, but many have missed the comprehension part.

                If anyone is interested private message me. If anyone has any recommendations, please post them. Also please post or send rates.
                I would like an interpreter. I apologize for the confusion with the heading. Thank you puspawarna for the clarification.

                I have no specific requirements. It will be a standard dinner at a middle to upper priced restaurant so dress in what you feel is appropriate. Clothing optional.


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                  Surabaya Translator

                  Hi,..I think I am very interested, this job still open? could I know what is the topic going to be, I meant your meeting? is it general, economy or medical? cause I am trying as insightful as I can be, can I apply?? can you give me a clue?


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                    The position has been filled. The applicant came from this forum. Thank you for all the replies.


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                      As jukung11 has already filled this position, I thought I would also mention to those who didn't gain the position that I am also looking for an interpreter in Surabaya.
                      I'm looking for someone who is confident in both English and Bahasa, Male or Female and should have a good working knowledge of Surabaya.
                      Its a full time position for 2-3 months minimum and may lead to permanent work if the 3 months is satisfactory.

                      The job is based in Citraland and will involve making calls, a small amount of travel (with me) to make purchases from suppliers, shopping, interpreting between contractors in my business and information search.

                      For more information, please send me a private message.

                      Thanks, and apologies for hijacking.