* Job Listing Template * <-- Read this BEFORE posting in this channel

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  • Puspawarna
    • Dec 2008
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    * Job Listing Template * <-- Read this BEFORE posting in this channel


    All information is REQUIRED.


    Job Title:

    Job Description/Responsibilities:

    Job Location:

    Required Qualifications/Skills (*):

    Last date on which applications will be accepted (day/month/year):

    When the job begins:

    How to apply/request more information:

    (*) The Living in Indonesia Expatriate Forum does not condone discrimination in hiring for any reason, including gender. Job advertisements that are consistent with Indonesian law are permitted, however you are strongly discouraged from specifying male or female applicants only or establishing extraneous requirements such as age limits. Please be aware that many forum members find these limitations offensive and may choose not to apply for your openings if you include sexist, racist, or otherwise discriminatory language.

    Job channel guidelines for forum users

    The purpose of this channel is assist forum members who are looking for employment. It is not here so that posters, in particular those who are not seeking a job themselves, can offer their unsolicited opinions about the salary or working conditions offered by a particular employer. If you see a job advertisement that breaks forum guidelines, please report it using the "report" function (click on the little triangle with an exclamation point inside it). The only posts that should be made in job threads are sincere requests for clarification about the position offered. All other comments will be removed from the moderation queue/deleted without warning.

    Regarding discriminatory qualifications that employers may list (i.e., "male applicants only"), the forum does not condone this kind of advertisement. There is language to that effect in the template that all employers are required to follow. However, such restrictions are legal in Indonesia and we will not remove or edit advertisements that include them. Our first concern is serving the forum community. We leave the decision to individuals as to whether they wish to pursue a job opportunity with an employer that openly discriminates. Also, we believe it does a disservice to potential applicants if we edit out discriminatory language, thus opening up the possibility that, for example, a woman may apply for a job with an employer who will reject her based on gender. It would be better if the employer's discriminatory policy was clear up front so she could save herself the time.
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