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  • Looking for experienced BUTCHER

    Cowshed Quality Meat Processing is a new Australian/Dutch owned butcher shop with it's main focus on wholesale to hotels and restaurants in Lombok.

    Job Title: Head Butcher

    Job Location:
    Senggigi, Lombok

    Job Description/Responsibilities: Processes meat production, preparation and portioning and minimizes waste. Maintains his work environment clean and proper at all times in conformity with the set sanitation and hygiene standards.Ensures a proper storing, receiving and dispatching of meat products. Checks all incoming and outgoing meat in terms of quality and quantity and advises Directors of any discrepancies. Ensures that portion control policy is adhered to.

    Required Qualifications/Skills(*): Minimum 4 years of experience as a butcher. Knowledge of wet and dry aging, different butchery cuts and sausage making. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Fluent in English.

    Salary Range: 5-12 million rupiah depending on the qualifications plus a share of the profit.

    Benefits: Beachfront accommodation is provided, steaks and other against cost price if for personal use.

    Last date on which applications will be accepted (day/month/year): applications will be accepted until we have found a suitable candidate.

    When the job begins: November 2013

    Documentation(**): KITAS will be taken care of and paid for by us.
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    What can you tell me about the Job

    Hi there , currently managing a large retail shop in Melbourne and was involved with Mastercut meats in Cairns , a wholesake company supplying restaurants . My girlfriend lives in Jakarta so i would definitely be interested in the position . You can email me at [email protected]

    I also won the far north queensland sausage king comp in 2009 when manager at Tableland Meat company .
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      Hi Robbert,
      My name is Niels and I e-mailed you a few weeks ago regarding the position as a head butcher for your company. I was just wondering if you received that mail and if this position is still open.
      If so I would be interested in getting in contact with you to find out more about the job that you offer.
      I am a butcher for almost 30 years with working experience in Germany, Canada and the Caribbean. I am familiar with all those from you required qualifications and skills. From sausage making to wet and dry aging and of course the whole sale and the retail site of the business.

      I am specialized in reorganizing and restructure existing butcher shops and meat departments and I have also being successfully involved in helping to start new businesses by setting up the business plans and the actual hands on support in the day to day work.

      I would very much appreciate if you would give me the chance to introduce myself to you and to discuss the options regarding the position.

      Kind regards.