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Selling Large Property in Sth Jakarta

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  • Selling Large Property in Sth Jakarta

    Agents seem seem to have gone through the motions but so far unable to generate interest. What are the requirements for advertising properties for sale on this forum? and any recommendations on what other things owners can do to get better results?

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    Housing Listings Template
    If you are selling or renting any type of accommodation (house/apartment/kos/townhouse, etc), the following pieces of information are recommended ... IF you want your post to be SUCCESSFUL! Providing less information leads to less inquiries!
    • Exact Location (this means a complete street address, not just the name of the building, but the street number is wise to include too! - newcomers do not know where the buildings are!)
    • Total land area
    • Total square meters of the building
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Type of land title - hak pakai, hak milik, or other
    • Price
    • Pictures
    If you don't include all of this information above, your post will be deleted and you will NOT be notified!

    If you are renting your property:
    • Type of Housing: (Apt/House/Townhouse)
    • Apartment buildings must be identified by exact addresses (street numbers must be included). Houses should also give an exact address or at least a nearby cross-street and the name of the neighborhood.
    • If a house, whether or not there is a yard
    • Total square meters of the apartment or house living space
    • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Rental price per month
    • Payment terms (monthly, one year in advance, etc.)
    • Minimum rental period
    • Identification of additional costs the renter will have to pay for (electricity, neighborhood/apartment service fees, etc.)
    • Is the rental offered by an agent or the owner?
    • Furnished/unfurnished
    • Pictures
    • Contact Information for agent or owner
    • Miscellaneous Information: (Pools, maid quarters, etc)
    These are the minimum requirements. Feel free to add more information. Any posting which does not include all of this information will be deleted without any notification to the poster.

    The Expat Forum is meant to be for community discussion. Advertising is NOT THE FOCUS of the Expat Forum. We understand that there are many companies that would like to sell their products and services to the expatriates, yet the Expat Forum members get upset if we see a flood of ads messing up interesting discussion threads.

    We only allow one commercial posting per month from companies or private parties. If a company is interested in promoting their services to the expatriate community, they should consider becoming a sponsor. Contact us for more information on sponsorship.?


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      Thank you Marcus.