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I need liveout nanny or livein nanny.

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  • I need liveout nanny or livein nanny.

    Hi Im looking for Nanny.
    I want livein nanny but its ok liveout.
    And I live in North Jakarta.
    So It doesn't matter if you don't speak English.

    If you want to know more, contact whatsapp (08111390031). Thank you.

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    Add detail.

    I have 3 children. Children age is 8(boy),6(girl),4(girl). Now, there is a maid who works four hours a day. And 3 children going to school. The youngest child(age 4)to take care of is Main. But in the late afternoon, you can also help 8 ,6 old children.

    -Take a child to kindergarten.
    -Pick up child from kindergarten.
    -Help child eat.
    -Wash child hand,face,foot in the morning and afternoon.
    -Washing dish after dinner.
    -Clean up the toys and books.
    -Take care.