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Looking for a Pembantu/cook in Bintaro

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  • Looking for a Pembantu/cook in Bintaro

    I am looking for household help. Someone who is willing to do whatever is needed, including daily cooking and cleaning, ordering gas/water, shopping, and occasional childcare. Must be reliable and willing to stay on for an entire year (after a trial month). Household is only me and my 6 yo daughter.

    A Typical day may be:
    5:15 am: Pack lunches. Make smoothie. Make coffee. Pack child's bag. Feed her. Put her on the bus by 6:30.
    7am-3pm: Clean house, order supplies, buy fruit. Run errands if needed. (about 4-5 hrs. working)- 3- 4 hours off.
    3pm: Get child off bus. Give snack. Enforce TV rules. Prepare Dinner.
    5:30 pm: Serve dinner. Clean up.

    Saturdays: Work until 10 am. (others usually work till afternoon but I don't need much help on Saturdays, just quick clean and breakfast for child).

    MUST: be good with kids. be a good cook (all types of foods). TAKE INITIATIVE (I do not tell you what to cook usually, just cook what's in the fridge or ask for special supplies if needed for a recipe) I do not want to have to tell you what to do, I like people who just do things without being asked to. Also, you must be able to enforce rules with children, (example: tell her "no eating on the couch, go to the table." even if she cries).

    The pay is determined by my employers, all pembantus in the complex (20 houses) receive 3.3 Juta per month with Sundays off, bonus month salary for Idil Fitri and 2 weeks off. However, if you come on and stay for 3 months I will pay 3.5 Juta per month.

    Start date is August 1.
    Please WA me if you seriously interested. We can interview this week (until the 31st) in person or via Whats app if later in the summer. Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing from you!
    +62 08118 082122

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    This is a live-in position. You have your own room with TV and wi-fi.


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      hi do u need very good english ? my old maid is available but her english is basic


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        your number is not complete or incorrect?