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IMEI blocking started in late 2020 - still??

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  • IMEI blocking started in late 2020 - still??

    I enter Indonesia regularly, and starting in late 2020, it seems they started regulating mobiles via IMEI blocking at the provider level (a shared IMEI database).  Last time I entered in Dec 2020, I had to visit XL office to register my mobile with passport, which they unblocked and confirmed the rules, saying the unblock would last 90 days before being blocked again - and then I would have to pay customs tax on the mobile.

    I used to just go to a local mobile sim provider, and he explained that it's to start taxing the "gray market" mobiles that are coming into the country.  makes sense.  but it penalizes valid business travelers who come and leave regularly with the same phone.  double taxation on us.... 

    next visit, I fully expect it to be blocked and will have to pay tax.  Does anyone know where I can unblock it in CGK airport next time I arrive?

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    From (Indonesian Government Customs Department)

    Passengers and tourists who come to Indonesia if they use international roaming do not need to be registered, but if they use a domestic provider, the IMEI must be registered first.

    How to register IMEI?
    First, download the Mobile Customs application or visit then fill in the personal data form, flight number, gadget specifications and other fields.
    Second, after the form is filled in completely, you will get a QR Code and Registration ID.
    Third, show the QR Code to the Customs Officer when you arrive at the arrival airport.
    Fourth, pay state levies if the price of the gadget exceeds USD 500.
    Finally, IMEI data will be sent automatically to the Indonesian Government Regulator and the gadget is ready to use.

    How much is the IMEI registration fee at the airport?
    IMEI registration upon arrival at the arrival airport is free of charge, however on cellphones, handheld computers and tablets subjected to Import Duties and Taxes for Import , the following are applied : BM 10%, VAT : 10% and PPh : 10% (if showing Indonesian Tax Number Card) or 20% (if not).

    Each person can only register the IMEI of a maximum of 2 gadgets and is given a tax waiver of USD 500 per person for each arrival. If it exceeds USD 500, the excess difference will be subject to the tax rates according to the provisions above.

    What if I forget to register IMEI when you arrive at the airport?
    Register IMEI through the official Customs website as described above. Registration can be done no later than 60 days from the day of arrival. The QR Code obtained, please scan it at the nearest Customs Office by bringing your original passport, ticket/boarding pass and the gadget you want to register. In this case, the tax exemption of USD 500 is not granted like it is when IMEI registration is done at the airport.


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      Great, thank you Marcus!!