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Any feedback about yolla app for calling abroad?

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  • Any feedback about yolla app for calling abroad?

    Hi! I just recently moved to Indonesia and need to call abroad back to my home country (Mongolia) to my elderly parents. Before I moved, I tried to teach them using computers and smartphones, but failed to, since my parents' age and their inablity to learn new tecnology-related things, so whatsapp isn't an option unfortunately...

    I tried using rebtel but it didn't work out for me. I tried several other apps and stopped at yolla at the moment. They gave me $1 test balance and I later recharged with $8. It seems fine so far. I have already asked this question on another forum about living in Indonesia but just want to make sure everything's fine. Has anyone used yolla app before? Is it okay in a long run? I plan on calling 7-8 times to landlines in Mongolia for at least several years, so any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Originally posted by SerikAli View Post
    ... Has anyone used yolla app before? Is it okay in a long run? ... any feedback would be appreciated.

    I have the same problem to call my mother but I never used Yolla . From what I saw in the internet , it looks like a good quality app (ranked 4.3 in the Google app store) .

    Since some 10 years I have been using many VOIP companies under the Betamax / Dellmont group . I was using them from the computer but recently I started using it from the "MobileVoip" app in my smartphone (quality good enough to call landlines in South America) . This app is ranked 4.0 in the Google app store , so a little less then the 4.3 for Yolla . But in my view it has 3 advantages over Yolla :

    1- It is cheaper , if you use 12Voip for Mongolia . It now charges US$0.009 per minute (Yolla charges $0.0245 , I don't know if it is USD or Euros)

    2- their family app (MobileVoip) has more than 5 million downloads for Android (Yolla's app has more than 1 million) , that in my view means less probable of going out of business

    3- from my experience , rates change from time to time , this is why I used many "companies" from that group (I always look for the cheapest) . And being under the same group has the advantage of transferring your credit from 1 "company" to any other "company" of the Betamax/Delmont group (or only Betamax , or only Delmont , I am not sure - but I did transferred once or twice) . The group has around 50 "companies" (see link below) . (calling rates comparison)
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