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Should I get a VPN?

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    I would say get it frist. The big reason we got it was for our banking at home. With a vpn your ip adress shows up in the states or where ever you want it to be. We had trouble with our banks when the ip would show up in indonesia even though we told our banks we were there. They would freeze our cards till we made a international call and we're put on hold a min of a half a hour.
    we don't bother with trying to a team Netflix because our Internet sucks so we down load all we want to see.


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        Just to add up on VPN...

        The idea with VPNs is to encrypt your device up to an external endpoint. Remember that anything coming out of that endpoint is NO LONGER encrypted or confidential and that goes with TOR as well. Some VPN providers will keep records of the External IP you are given and link it to a credit card, name and so on so if for some reason you are tracked to that IP, your name can come up if the VPN provider release the info for some reason.

        With TOR, you also can track which IP has been used to establish the VPN connection over to the external IP used.

        There is no such thing as undeniable privacy online.

        Be mindful for what you want privacy for.

        If it's for illicit reasons, know you're never truly hidden.

        On the otherhand for exemple, I travel a lot between Montreal and Jakarta, everytimes I stop in Doha, their wifi block all RTP Protocol used for VOIP. So What's APP calls, Facebook voice etc do not work. So I VPN from my cellphone to Singapore for exemple using the airport free wifi and since everything is encrypted, they don't know I try to VOIP and I just call my wife with Whatsapp...

        But some streaming services like netflix will require a geolocation to allow streaming. If the are getting the end point geolation of a known VPN Provider, they'll block the streaming services. It depends on what kind of geolocation services they are using.

        At the end of the day, there is nothing truly, undeniably encrypted and private as soon as you're trying to access an open network such as the world wide web, reguardless of what VPN providers are going to try to sell you. Ask yourself why you would want a VPN service, it's it is to bypass some protocol restriction or access closed networks then i would say go for it. But if you are buying yourself a feeling of privacy, then I would say you are wasting your money away.

        Just my two cents.


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          Originally posted by Pattinson View Post
          Best VPN for BBC Iplayer Expressvpn read detail review you check here (
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