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Is it best to learn languages ​​as a child?

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  • Is it best to learn languages ​​as a child?

    The educators hug the children and cheerfully greet them: Buenos dias! . At the playground, the girl asks to be made of coleta hair (Spanish for "tail"), and then throws the ball to her friend and shouts "Catch!" in English. "At this age, children don't learn a language - they learn it," says kindergarten director Carmen Rampersad. The ease with which the little polyglots around pick up the tongue seems to be the best illustration of her words. For many children, Spanish is the third or even fourth foreign language. Their native languages ​​are Croatian, Hebrew, Korean, Dutch and others.

    If we recall the difficulties that adults usually have to overcome in foreign language lessons, it is easy to conclude that it is better to start as early as possible. However, research shows that our relationship with languages ​​throughout life is not so clear-cut, and there are many benefits to starting to learn a language in adulthood. In general, each age has its advantages in mastering a foreign language via reading online novels Toddlers better perceive language by ear and distinguish sounds. Preschoolers pick up pronunciation and intonation with astonishing speed. However, adults are better able to concentrate on the task and have important skills to expand their vocabulary. This applies, by the way, to our native language.

    As well as many other benefits that life experience gives us - social circumstances, teaching methods and even love and friendship. All of this affects how many languages ​​we speak and how well we have mastered them via reading books lineserved(.)com/10th-class-books/. "Not all of the skills needed to learn a language decline with age," said Antonella Soreys, a professor at Edinburgh University who studies children's speech development and heads the Center for Bilingualism.

    As an example, she cites "conscious learning" - language acquisition in lessons with a teacher who explains the rules. "Young children do not perceive conscious learning, because they can not concentrate, control mental processes, their memory functions differently," explains Professor Soreys.

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    I've heard that is' definitely the best time to learn a language when you're young. I think it's pretty much a consensus among psychologists, educators, and linguists. But I'm none of those things so what do I know?


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      Originally posted by Glomdurm View Post
      I've heard that is' definitely the best time to learn a language when you're young...

      Probably .

      But I guess we adults would learn a lot easier if we were taught the way they are teaching these young children .

      Since long ago I felt that our traditional education system is too bad .