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  • Grad Cert or Grad Diploma?

    Hi all,

    I have recently graduated with a teaching degree and in my second year of teaching. My degree is a TESOL/Indonesian language degree. I am aware that in Indonesia I am not able to teach Indonesian as those jobs will go to locals, however I am looking at the best options moving forward so in at least 3yrs (once I have completed 5yrs of teaching here) I can start looking for jobs in Indonesia. As my only area of teaching would be EAL, I am highly considering further study in other areas to boost my employability.

    Is anyone aware whether a Graduate Certificate is suffice of does it need to be a Graduate Diploma for any additional study?

    Also, those living in Indonesia in the education field, what seems to be the area's that schools are crying out for teachers in? History, Geography, Business??

    Any on the ground advice is appreciated.


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    Originally posted by scotty13 View Post
    ... Is anyone aware whether a Graduate Certificate is suffice or does it need to be a Graduate Diploma for any additional study? ...

    Any on the ground advice is appreciated .

    I am not a teacher but from what I have read here in the Forum , in Indonesia you will first need a specific College/University diploma (see the rule and some exemplos below) .

    PerMen no.10 year 2018 (not an official translation)
    Article 5
    A foreign worker must :
    a. have education diploma that is related to the qualifications required for the work position ;
    b. have a competency certificate or have work experience of at least 5 years related to the qualifications required for the work position ;
    c. transfer his/her expertise to a designated Indonesian worker;
    d. have an Indonesian Tax Registration Number if to work for more than 6 months; and
    e. have Work Visa/e-ITAS issued by the Indonesian Immigration Department . (example of requirements from a employer) (regarding a master degree)


    Scott , if I was you I would (if possible) work/teach in developed countries where salaries in general are a lot higher than in Indonesia . If you like to live in Indonesia , better do like me : I saved money working in my country (+ my retirement pension) I can live a very confortable retirement life in Indonesia .

    Indonesia not only pays a relatively low salary (even to foreign teachers) but also : only allows experienced foreign teachers to work here + does not allow a foreign to work in a single job/place for too long (you would need to be frequently looking for a new employer every 2 to 3 years , in theory) + has low demand for foreign teachers + does not allow you to work for more than 1 employer at a time + does not allow freelancer work + criminalizes work not according to the rules .
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      In high demand are STEM teachers with good English skills. We have a lot of excellent Chemistry, Physics and Biology teachers. However, in the higher levels of high school, where more solid language skills are critical to discuss more complex topics, Indonesian teachers struggle. This is often the case in private, international schools (Indonesia doesn't want to call these schools international), mainly schools working with Cambridge or IB curriculum, or with a curriculum from the Singaporean or Australian or New Zealand government. If you have a background in STEM teaching, and have excellent English language skills, you should have no problem finding a teaching job here.