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    I am looking for the best way to get certified to speak as a native American speaker in Indonesia.
    I am an American seeking a sponsor for legally working in Indonesia.
    I have been living in Indonesia for nearly 20 years.
    My wife for 20 years now is Indonesian.
    Currently my status is with KITAS spouse sponsored.
    Not choosy but I do have excellent qualifications.
    Originally from South Carolina USA but I moved to Indonesia permanently in 2003 due to problems my wife had with US immigration.
    I started out selling crafts and small orders of furniture built through suppliers via the Internet.
    In 2009 I was asked by two partners in Tulsa to build their bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
    I moved from Bandung to Jepara with my wife where she set up the a furniture business. We were doing so well at first we rented a warehouse and converted it into a factory. My wife?s factory had a team of 30 workers on staff and we were shipping a container per month for a while which I sold via the Internet, all in the good graces and informed immigration service of what I was doing.
    Then in 2015 the two partners split up their business in the USA and everything went downhill from there.
    By 2018 both of them had started mostly selling cheap Chinese products and I could not afford to maintain a full time crew and factory.
    The past year we have had no orders and I have moved back to Bandung where we own a home.
    I have prior experience as an engineer and as an furniture construction factory manager for 8 years.

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    Looking at your resume , it seems that it will be difficult for you to teach English in Indonesia . As far I have seem here , you would need to have a college/university degree specific to teach English + years of experience teaching it .

    I did read also the last Indonesian Manpower's Regulation (PerMen no.10 year 2018) and it does not say anything about foreigners married with Indonesians . In the most favorable situation that Manpower allows you to teach without the years of experience , you still would need a different degree to teach English as an electronic engineer I think you cannot .
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      Permen no.10 year 2018
      Article 5
      Every foreign worker to be employed must :
      a. have education diploma that is related to the qualifications required for the work position ;
      b. have a competency certificate or have work experience of at least 5 (five) years related to the qualifications required for the work position ;


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        Teaching English language is not a simple job, as it requires you to focus on different areas of the students. Firstly the teacher needs to be well experienced to assess the position of the student, that is where he is standing regarding his English language skills. Secondly, he needs to start from those areas, which are important yet simple to understand, so that it would be easy for the student to grasp the concept of the problem. Moreover, an English teacher must be acquainted with the English Lexicons and satisfactory vocabulary, which will further enhance student’s learning. When I think about these qualities of tutors, I can confidently claim that I hold all these qualities because I have been tutoring at MTS for a long time now and MTS has trained me in such a way that I can help students accomplish their goals to learn English language.