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Indonesian National Education - Where on the Net?

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  • Indonesian National Education - Where on the Net?


    I've had a good hard look on the internet for the Indonesian National Curriculum and Syllabus.

    The only thing I found when searching are timetables - how many hours per week studying subjects, whereas I'm looking for the syllabus.

    Here is an example from https://www.cambridgeinternational.o...9-syllabus.pdf

    C1 Number

    C1.1 Core curriculum Identify and use natural numbers, integers (positive, negative and zero), prime numbers, square numbers, common factors and common multiples, rational and irrational numbers (e.g. π, 2 ), real numbers.
    Notes/Examples Includes expressing numbers as a product of prime factors. Finding the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) and Highest Common Factor (HCF) of two numbers.

    C1.2 Extended curriculum only

    C1.3 Calculate squares, square roots, cubes and cube roots of numbers.

    C1.4 Use directed numbers in practical situations.
    Notes/Examplese.g. temperature changes, flood levels.
    Where can this sort of thing be found for Indonesia?

    Could I also hope that Learning Outcomes might be defined somewhere?

    Best wishes

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    Ministry of Education and Culture is promising. But search for silabus reveals no relevant documents.

    But there are documents dispersed on third party websites, often foreign websites.