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  • Teaching Science in Jakarta from August

    I am moving to Jakarta with my small family (wife and son) at the end of July to work as a Science teacher. I will be working at a international school in South Jakarta. I was hoping somebody could answer a few questions related to the visa process? The school admin staff have been really helpful but I just wanted to get a second opinion to confirm what they have told me and also what I have gathered from researching online. The visa process seems awfully complicated.

    So the first thing to say is that my work visa may not be ready in time for my arrival as I had to wait for some of the required documents to be issued here in London such as my marriage certificate. Also, with Eid the ministry of education is closed until the 3rd of July. So I will be arriving on a tourist visa and the school will provide me with a return ticket to Singapore as to process my work permit.

    Could someone please clarify what the actual process of the VISA is. I have been told my documents will be submitted to the Education ministry this week. What will they issue? The visa or a work permit? Or are they the same thing? If not, which one is issued first, the visa or the work permit? What is the KITAS?

    A clarification for dummies would be very much appreciated,

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    I will return with a more complete answer soon . I want to advance you that :

    - I am almost sure your marriage certificate is not necessary for the Work Permit . It is necessary for your wife's Visa/KITAS as your dependent .
    - Working without a Work Permit + work KITAS is considered a crime (up to 5 years in jail + fine + deportation) .
    - The visa/work permit processes should not be complicated for an International school used to these documents .


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      Hello Marcus,
      Many thanks for your reply and I look forward to the more detailed answer. I think the school is optimistic it will be completed by the time I arrive but they have stated that there is a chance it may not be. They have been professional and open and told me it would be against the law to start work without the work permit. They would just spend the initial time giving me an induction i.e. finding suitable accommodation, tour of Jakarta and such. There is no actual working in the school until 2 weeks after my arrival.


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        Originally posted by qasim_786 View Post
        (1) ... I have been told my documents will be submitted to the Education ministry this week. What will they issue? The visa or a work permit? Or are they the same thing?

        (2) If not, which one is issued first, the visa or the work permit?

        (3) What is the KITAS?

        (1) I don't have the practical experience , so I don't know if the Manpower Department requires the school to get an ok from the Education Department or this is done between the government departments . What I know is that the first phase is about the Work Permit/IMTA issued by the Manpower Department .
        According to Article 38 of PerMen no.16 , year 2015 , Manpower Department requires :
        a) Receipt of fee's payment ,
        b) RPTKA [which is the Plan for Hiring Foreign Worker(s)]
        c) Copy of the foreign worker's passport ,
        d) photo of the foreign worker ,
        e) Name of the Indonesian trainee (I suppose) ,
        f) Copy of the college/university diploma of the foreign worker (must be related to the work to be done by the foreigner) ,
        g) Foreign worker's "Competence Certificate" or proof of minimum 5 years of work experience (related to the work to be done by the foreigner) ,
        h) Draft of the work contract ,
        i) Foreign worker's insurance policy , and
        j) Authorized institution's recommendation , if necessary .

        (2) So first the IMTA is issued by the Manpower Department , then the school apply for the "Telex visa" at the Immigration Department in Jakarta . With the "Telex Visa" the foreigner is authorized to get the VITAS/Limited Stay Visa index 312 (work Visa) at an Indonesian Embassy .

        (3) The last phase is the work KITAS . The foreigner enters Indonesia with the VITAS 312 and have to apply for the work KITAS within 30 days .


        Your wife's dependent VITAS/KITAS is the one that will require a copy of your marriage certificate . The school can start/finish your IMTA/KITAS independently of your wife's VITAS/KITAS , although it will be easier for the school/visa agent if yours/hers VITAS/KITAS are done together (her VITAS/KITAS is independent of the school and can be done by you/your wife or you can hire your own visa agent to do that) .


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          That makes so much sense. Puts together all the separate jigsaw pieces I have at the moment. The school does require an OK from the education ministry as that is where my documents are at the moment. Thank you so much for your help!


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            Hello. I just had another question regarding further down the line. I have asked my employer and they have said it would not be a problem but again, I would just like to get a 2nd opinion and some reassurance.
            For the KITAS which is renewed annually I have read in the induction booklet from my employer there is a medical in Indonesia at a government approved hospital. I do not have any serious diseases or conditions but I have a eye condition that effects the sight in my left eye. Would this effect my medical for my KITAS renewal? Is there an eye test for the medical?


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              First , I guess you will have this medical before you get your first KITAS too .

              As I have no practical experience on this and have not heard details in this Forum , I would guess that this medical is mainly to check if you are drug user . I don't know if this is a new requirement , but in around 10 years I participate in this Forum , I never heard of any foreigner failing to get a job because of medical check .


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                Once again, thank you for your quick reply. Yes I have a medical done here in London and they checked for HIV and social drug use.