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  • Native mandarin teacher looking for work


    I am asking this on behalf of my friend, she is a Chinese citizen and looking for a teaching job in the area of Jakarta (preferably northern Jakarta) and Tangerang, and she is specialized in teaching Chinese as second language. Currently, she is working as a teacher at Cerdas Bangsa Pluit Village, and her working contract will ends this month.

    In the past few weeks we have been looking for some international schools in need of a native mandarin teacher via google, sent some application letters including the CV, but unfortunately we got no answers at all which makes us wonder if the international schools in Jakarta employing foreign teachers through agencies exclusively?

    If that is the case, do any of you perhaps know any job agencies that is specialized in this field with a "reasonable" service fee?
    But of course, if anyone here knows an international school that is currently looking for a mandarin teacher, any information would be a very great help for us.

    We prefer of course to deal directly with the school itself rather than going via an agency which sometimes they are asking a large sum of money for their services.

    Some short information about her

    Nationality: Chinese
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Academic certificate: Master Degree
    English Level: CET-6


    ZunYi Normal University - Chinese language and literature - Bachelor Degree
    Guangzhou University - Chinese as second language - Master Degree

    Working experience:

    - (Currently) Cerdas Bangsa College Jakarta - Expatriate teacher (07/2015 - now)
    - Guangdong Second Normal University - International Department (09/2014 - 05/2015)
    - South China University of Technology - International Education College (09/2013 - 06/2014)
    - ShanXue Language school (10/2012 - 09/2013)

    (While in China she did some extra private tutoring of Chinese language for Business as well)


    - Chinese Language & Literature
    - Teaching Chinese as second language

    Hobbies: Teaching, Reading, Singing, Photography, Traveling.
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    Does she have five years of experience as a teacher ? Otherwise she cannot gain employment as a teacher in this country anymore. Her academic qualifications look good.

    Good luck with the search. We used to use Native speaker Chinese teachers, but it got too difficult and we found some great Indonesian Chinese teachers instead now. So sorry, we cannot help
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      Thank you for your reply.

      I have added some extra information for the years of working experiences.