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Teaching in Jogja (Yogyakarta)

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  • Teaching in Jogja (Yogyakarta)

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for information on the salary and work atmosphere for teaching opportunities in Jogja. I will consider a range of options including ESL schools and national plus schools.

    Anyone know the salary and work atmosphere (training offered, management style, hours) of the following branches/school?
    ESL Schools
    - EF Yogya
    - Real English
    - IONS

    Primary/Secondary Schools

    - Olifant
    - Yogyakarta International Schools
    - Jogja Community School

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    No idea about any of the above.

    If you don't get any help here, try the Indonesia section of the International forums at Dave's ESL Cafe.
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      There is only one Yogya International School, as far as I know. Not sure if they teach past 8th grade yet.

      There's an international school in Salatiga, originally started by several denominations of missionaries. I visited the place and can say it's not overtly religious at all.


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        Sorry I'm out of date. Just looked at the web site and learned that JCS was founded in 2012.


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          Olifant only has kindergarten and preschool.


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            OLifant has elementary school too.

            Budi Utama, an international school, last time i went there there was an american native speaker teacher

            Or you can try taruna nusantara high school in my town. A high school with military basic. Their english teachers are native.


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              Sorry, Diamond is right. I looked too quickly at their web site. They seem more innovative than something like Singapore school (popular in many cities in Indonesia), which follows the mainstream belief that drilling kids like robots is the main purpose of education. The board of directors of Olifant appears to be entirely Indonesian, whereas I personally know some foreigners who were on the board of YIS some years ago (when their kids were younger).


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                jawaottawa I am on the same boat as you.
                I am looking for a job working as an EFL teacher in Yogyakarta. Fell in love with the place the moment I read about it.
                Not having much luck finding a job in advance so think I will wing it and try my chance in finding a job on the spot and fly out there in Sep!
                Good luck and if you ever want to chat feel free to pm me. Will be nice to speak with someone with the same sort of intentions as me. :-)


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                  Hi all, I am hoping to teach in Jogja from July 2020 and am currently emailing expressions of interest. Would love to know how you went with your efforts back in 2014 and anything I need to know!