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    Hi folks,

    Just wondering if there is much opportunity to obtain English teaching work in Bali during normal 'school hours' (as in, not afternoons/evenings). Im a high school teacher in Australia. I have young kids, one of which will be starting school next year and Im researching the possibility of spending a few years living in Bali. I imagine teaching English would be the most plausible option for me. However, I dont really want to be working afternoons and evening as I would never get to spend time with my children.

    Any thoughts???

    Thanks, EB

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    I think it is highly unlikely to find employment in a private language training center where one could avoid working evenings and weekends. Exceeeept... EF Englishtown Bali (Denpasar) apparently employs online-only teachers. I don't know about the hours or working conditions (ie, at home or in-office) but you could contact them to inquire.

    There are National Plus and International Schools all over Indonesia however ("all over" not meaning they are in every specific location in the archipelago, but they are in many large population centers). These are "normal schools" and the likely hours would be something like 7-4 or 8-5, M-F, possibly some Saturdays 8-12. Some schools *might* offer somewhat more flexible schedules, I don't know. Since you have teaching experience and presumably qualifications in Australia, I'd say you might have a good chance of being hired by one of these schools. If you don't have a University degree / diploma with the word "English" on it, that might be a roadblock.
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