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Home Office Accelerates Hiring Abroad

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  • Home Office Accelerates Hiring Abroad

    "Home office accelerates hiring by startups abroad", by Filipe Oliveira / Folhapress

    The dispute between startups to be able to fill their job vacancies became even more intense with the consolidation of the home office.

    More experienced and English-speaking employees (in developing countries) have come to be sought after by foreign startups, who take advantage of the weak currency to get good employees at a much lower price than in their local markets.

    ... the director of the recruitment company Talenses, says that, with the lack of manpower in technology all over the world, the mapping of talents started to happen in a globalized way. "This was already happening, but with the pandemic, this movement has exploded," he says. Foreign employers can save 60% on hiring, he says... the advance of foreign companies is only not greater because they find it difficult to find professionals fluent in English conversation.

    The startup Rocketchat has 115 employees, most of them working outside the country, in 30 different countries. Offering remote work before was a differentiator for the startup when hiring but now it has become the rule...