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What should I feed my 1 year kitty?

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  • What should I feed my 1 year kitty?

    hello everyone
    I have a one-year-old kitty and I am concerned about her food because her stomach is very sensitive and sometimes with canned food she gets vomitings and ellergies so I wanted some suggestions about what should I feed her I also read an article and found it helpful but if anyone can help me with it and give some advice
    Thank you

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    The quality of the foods matters mostly. Before giving food to your pet please check the quality of the food, these days artificial additives are used which is not good for health, it’s only suits the taste. Provide your cat with good and healthy digestible foods which contain carbohydrates, nutritionally complete and balanced one.
    Firstmate pacific ocean fish meal, Merrick purrfect bistro are some of my pets favourites food. Try for your pet too. These are super foods items for sensitive stomach cats. There’s a lot to say on this superfood.