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Blood Titer Test for Dogs and Cats

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  • Blood Titer Test for Dogs and Cats

    Hi everybody,

    Blood Titer Test Service is now AVAILABLE to those who need them in order to enter Rabies free country. We will ship the blood to approved Laboratories outside Indonesia. Please specify which country of destination your dog/cat will travel to.

    *Note that LOCAL (Indonesian Government) Blood Titer test is ONLY valid when you like to move your pets across Indonesia and only to few south east asian country.

    Result will be published between 3- 4 weeks time, depends on timing of your choosing.

    We ship twice every month, on the 10th and 25th. You can also order Priority shipment (Available anytime at the time of your choosing for different price)

    ** For pricing, please contact us directly.

    You're welcomed to see our Instagram: forezapetservice
    Feel free to ask more info
    whatsapp message: +6282236008118
    email: [email protected]

    We're looking forward to hear good news from all of you

    Best Regards,
    Foreza Pet Service