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Any dog shelter to volunteer in Jakarta?

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  • Any dog shelter to volunteer in Jakarta?

    It's for my friend actually who just lost her dog, so was wondering if there's any dog shelter where people like her can volunteer e.g. walk these dogs in her free time? I think she's not ready yet to have another dog thus the idea to volunteer in such shelter. Thanks a million in advance.

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    Be informed that , if your friend is a foreigner , it is illegal to do things like that in Indonesia (even for free it is considered as illegal work) .

    UU no.6 , year 2011 (Indonesian Immigration Law)
    Article 122
    Shall be punished with imprisonment of five (5) years and fined at most Rp500.000.000, 00 (five hundred million rupiah):

    a. any foreigner who deliberately misuse or engage in activities not in accordance with the intent and purpose of the Visa/Stay Permit given to him/her;

    b. any person who ordered or provide opportunity for the foreigner to misuse or engage in activities inconsistent with intent or purpose of the Visa/Stay Permit given to him/her.


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      No, she's local but a Catholic so she can touch dogs. But thanks for that info, very useful for the expat members here; and I have to say I really didn't expect that wow so strict


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        I think many people know that there are many foreigners working illegally in USA , Europe , ... and never heard of penalties like that . But people need to understand the difference in doing it in a rich country where most foreigners work illegally in low level jobs/low pay which most locals are not interested in taking them , and foreigners working illegally in Indonesia in medium to high pay jobs which so many unemployed Indonesians are obviously interested in taking them .


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          Sure, that's understandable. But I was talking more about volunteering e.g. where I live in continental EU country, many people love dogs but for whatever reason, there are still dogs being abandoned thus there are at least 4 animal shelters here that are mainly occupied by dogs and those who work there are mainly volunteers I think and at least one accepts that people e.g. pensioners are volunteering to walk the dogs so unpaid.


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            Well , volunteering is a specific case . As far as I know Indonesia does not have a specific rule for it . What I heard is that normally big non-profit organizations have a special agreement with Immigration in order to avoid being charged . The problem I see is that many foreign volunteers get a living allowance that in some cases is more than paying a salary to Indonesians .


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              Ah ok then that's understandable to have such rule cos here also that unemployment agency would apply the rule that companies (incld NPO) to hire locally first (incld EU citizens who live here cos of EU directive) then expand to EU in particular neighbouring countries then outside EU if still not found within EU, in order to curb down the unemployment rate.

              I remember though that when I visited relative when I was small I was chased by a street dog and at that time there were so many street dogs but nowadays not anymore, wonder what happens to them... It's also true though that Indo had (or maybe has) rabies prob. with street dogs.