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Export/Import of PETS through SURABAYA

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  • Export/Import of PETS through SURABAYA

    Hi everybody,

    NEW INFO: PETS (Dogs and Cats) are now ABLE to be exported or imported through SURABAYA
    Only POSSIBLE from and to certain countries. For More Info please don't hesitate to ask.

    We can help you with export/import or moving around Indonesia (Certain areas are restricted), whether you want your furkids to be sent by cargo, hand carried (as check in baggage) by me, or maybe even hand carried by yourself. Papers can be arranged for you, hassle free

    Places that I have sent the dog to and from Indonesia

    * Export
    1. Malaysia
    2. Cambodia
    3. Thailand
    4. Russia
    5. Taiwan
    6. Canada
    7. USA
    8. Serbia
    9. Germany

    * Import
    1. Russia
    2. Czech Republic
    3. Serbia
    4. Netherlands
    5. Germany
    6. Romania
    7. Italy
    8. USA

    * Note: Transportation in and out of Bali is POSSIBLE! *

    You're welcomed to see our Instagram: forezapetservice
    Feel free to ask more info
    whatsapp: +6282236008118
    email: [email protected]

    ** Special request to other countries is possible, please contact me directly for further info.

    We're looking forward to hear good news from all of you

    Best Regards,
    Foreza Pet Service