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  • Basic Dog Training For New Dog

    Hello! I've been lurking around for over a year now and have decided to start posting.
    I'm the proud owner of a 7 month old working line GSD named Kona.

    This is not my first dog but is my first GSD. Hubby had a GSD as a kid. We have a young daughter, so first and foremost Kona is a family companion. The deterrent factor of having a GSD around our house with a child now is a nice bonus.

    BUT, we also want to dabble around in dog sports as a hobby - which is the main reason I want to post more, to get advice on various intro level sports and training for them. I'm personally interested in Rally. My husband is interested in something a bit more active, maybe agility? We'll see. We've been to multiple puppy and obedience classes and narrowed our choices down to a trainer that we like. She has working dog experience which has already been super helpful to us. Our breeder also offers lifetime support and has been a great resource as we muddled our way through those early months.

    At 7 months now, we're beginning to see signs of Kona settling in the house better/quicker. So we have decided to train our dog, crate training has been good, housebreaking her was quick and relatively painless when we first brought her home at 8 weeks. As GSD people already know she picks up things so fast. We had to 'entertain' her with extra attention or obedience games during some of the early classes we took her to because she was bored.

    In the beginning, we primarily worked on focus and then introduced basic obedience commands. We probably waited too long to introduce heel, trying to catch up on that. She does it because she's required to, I'm having trouble making it fun for her. She adores fetch and tug and chasing a toy on a rope. As she's gotten a bit older her toy drive has increased, while her food drive seems to have staggered. I don't know if that's normal or if she's just bored with the treats. I'd like to continue to train with food, as well as a toy.

    I've already started working with her on some very basic Rally commands, in public we're still mainly working on focus and basic obedience and polite greetings. In addition to sports, I would like a CGC.

    Anyway, do you have any better idea about new dog training?

    Many Thanks to everyone for your time.