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Leaving pets when moving.

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  • Leaving pets when moving.

    Greetings.I have two questions.I live in East Jakarta,Iam basically right on the Jakarta & Bekasi line.I live in a very diverse neighborhood.Many in my area have pet dogs including my family.I have notic ed here when some Indonesia families move they leave there pets behind.I see this more and more in my area,snce i moved to this neighborhood (before we lived in a apartment) .Is this a common thing done in Indonesia concerning pets?I am from America i have rarely seen this done except with my country.

    Second question..I have not had my dog that long.But i have heard from others,That yu have to be careful around Christmas time with your pet dogs,because they can be stolen and eaten for christmas dinner with some of the Christian Tribes,I am a Christian and my wife is from North Sulawesi,I live around a large Batak Community(My kids attend school in this Batak Community)

    Also many from North Sulawesi in my area.So throgh my wifes family and the many lapo restos in my area,I do know dog is eaten my many Christians,My wiife cooks it some times at family events,also its served at weddings,Church events and gatherings,not fighting the eating of the meat or the culture of those who eat it.I have noothing against that.But is it true that dogs are stolen this time of year/ has any one ever had there dog stolen ?

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    It's a totally hoax...

    Answer Q1: You may bring your pets when you move to another city as long as there is no rule for your pets.
    Answer Q2 : Batak tribe have party on New Year not Christmas Eve... No need to worry only local dog (Anjing Kampong) to eat
    usually they got it from LAPO ( Batak Restaurant).
    If you afraid you may leave your pets during Christmas season...


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      yes it happens in some places in Indonesia that dogs being stolen, eventually their meat ended up for foods. the people who eat the dog's meat arent only Batak, they can be everyone.. and not only on Christmas... i have neighbors they are Javanese, i remember when i was a kid, playing in their house and realized their dog was gone and i found out they cooked them, their kid is my friend and he offered me the food with happy laughing face, thats very fucking creepy for me, poor dog, i never really talking or making any contact with them after that
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        Dear Vania,

        I am agree with you not only in Christmas season dog can be stolen,
        anytime especially you have an race dog ( Husky, Bulldog, Chihuahua)
        it's happened not only in Indonesia, my sister in US also loss her dog.

        while brother i love manado leave in East Jakarta,
        I can make sure it is only hoax they stole and make it for foods,
        usually they sell it, because race dogs are expensive.