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We want to adopt a dog.

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  • We want to adopt a dog.

    After a year in Jakarta we have decided to assent to the wish of our daughter to get a dog. We are looking for a small to medium sized dog (less than 10 kg) that does not shed. We are open to purchasing from a breeder or pet store, but also to adopting a well-trained dog from a family. We live in Tangerang. Thanks!

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    Many dog seller in online store or facebook group.... Grab your phone, Install OLX from Playstore, Register, search.... You may ask your maid/security officer to call seller...
    Hopefully you can find Siberian Husky... my fave dog...


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      hey CurtisJay, you should try to visit Republik Guguk page or this
      there are many dogs you can adopt there, personally i think its much better than purchase from breeder.. because from stories that i've read there were many dogs suffer from breeder because the breeder force the dogs just to breed until they cant take it anymore and dump them to nowhere
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        Hi CurtisJay, as recommended by Vania~ I recommend you to adopt a rescue dog rather than buy from a breeder.

        you can try


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          Are you still looking? The people next door have a nice beagle thats only a few months old. Unfortunately, their youngest child is allergic so they are looking for a good home