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    does anyone know of a good and trustworthy place for pet boarding. We had previously planned to leave our dog with a friend but due to a family emergency they also have to leav town.e Jakarta.

    any help with this would be great

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    We can help you, if you don't mind your dog coming to stay in Bandung.
    I will PM you
    Cicak Magnet


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      I tried to send a PM... but the new format won't let me.

      We currently have space to board 1 dog the dog would be treated as part of the family.
      We are based in a fairly quiet area with nice lanes to go out for walks.
      We have 3 dogs of our own and love animals.
      The pricing depends on the dogs size, length of stay and any special requirements & if collection/delivery from/to Jakarta is required
      Here is a link to the thread I made... (assuming with the new forum format that the link posts)


      If you are interested, get back to me with dates , details of your pet and its requirements & we can look at prices.
      I would advise you connect via email as the forum is in a state of upheaval just now.
      email :
      [email protected]
      Cicak Magnet


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        B_A would be a good choice to take care of your dog!
        Sasa Bule is having a bayi!


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          Yeah, BA would take good care of it.


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            Originally posted by Jaime C View Post
            B_A would be a good choice to take care of your dog!

            Thanks for the vote of confidence guys
            Cicak Magnet


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              Try Groovy Pets -
              Danielle Surkatty
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                Try BA,, I can 100% guarantee she would take great care of your dog. A hell of a lot better than Groovy pets.
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