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Pet sitter/walker available.

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  • Pet sitter/walker available.

    I am currently starting a pet caring business meant to provide given clients the services and necessities their animal friends(s) deserve.

    In short, this is strictly limited to be practiced in the Indonesian capitol, as a pet sitter, walker and you may also lend your pal at my place wo be cared for if you are going out for an extensive period of time.

    Costs will range at:

    Sittings (any place) - 85,000 IDR/hour

    Walking - 110,000 IDR/hour (number of hours shall be requested)

    This is relatively cheap compared to the other offers of similar businesses I have seen on this website, for I myself have had an altogether about 5 years of personal home experience with animals as I too am an animal lover. From raising birds, cats, reptiles, small mammals and fish, I had to sadly let go of most of them, because I had to leave abroad a couple of times. I hope they are happy in their new homes.

    I am willing to accept any animal, based on my approval, and yours. Thank you.

    Contact me:

    [email protected] OR 081286305919