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Please help to find loving new home for beautiful fluffy calico cat (female)

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  • Please help to find loving new home for beautiful fluffy calico cat (female)

    Hi all,

    Today my boyfriend and I made the heartbreaking decision to put Tuti up for adoption. She is the only of our four Indo cats that didn't pass the rabies serology test which is necessary to take her with us to The Netherlands. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to repeat the whole vaccination and testing procedure before our return flight on June 25th. Please note that this does NOT mean Tuti has rabies, simply that she doesn't have enough antibodies in her blood according to the strict EU pet importing laws!

    Tuti has been with us since she was born in April 2014 in our rental house in Jogja, as one of four kittens of a semi-wild kucing kampung. We fell in love with the kittens the moment they were born and they've been part of our new Indonesian family ever since. Tuti is a real teddy bear with her beautiful fluffy calico fur. She simply LOVES to cuddle once she gets to know you and is probably the most affectionate cat we have. On the other hand she’s also very suspicious of strangers so she definitely needs a loving and patient owner that allows her time to get used to one another. Tuti can’t stand to be locked up so she needs a home where she can freely and safely go outside whenever she wants. She has been neutered, has received vaccinations against all common cat diseases and rabies and has been de-wormed frequently.

    We're very sad to have to leave Tuti in Indonesia so our top priority now is to find her a nice new owner. Are you interested in adopting this cute little fur ball or do you know a cat lover that might be? Please let us know and help us to find Tuti a new loving home!

    Kaja & Milan

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    Looks like a lovely cat. Good luck on finding her a new home.
    Sasa Bule is having a bayi!


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      Thanks Jamie! She really is the most adorable cat I've ever had. It breaks my heart to leave her behind and I would be so grateful if we find her a new home... keeping my fingers crossed this will work!


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        I'd love to take a cat, but we're not sure if we will be in Bandung for a long time, or will go to the US. Also, no cat door.
        Sasa Bule is having a bayi!


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          I understand. As we are also living in Indonesia only temporarily it was never our intention to have pets, but since we moved to Jogja 1,5 years ago animals seem to be mysteriously attracted by our house and we're simply not able to resist them.

          I'm not sorry though, because these animals made our life here especially wonderful. I'd only wish it would be a bit easier to take them all with us.


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            We hope you find a good home for titu. Also cant agree with you more on how cats can make you feel soo good about your life. I salute you for at least you are getting to take 3 of her brothers or sisters with you. Agin best wishs on finding her a home


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              Thank you for your kind words, Steveandpenny!