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Need your help: my border collie mix Chiko

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  • Need your help: my border collie mix Chiko

    Dear expats,

    I Need your help, and the help of friends, basically anybody:

    Short facts:
    - I am in Solo/Java with my dog Chiko at the moment and due to a very sad complicated turn of events, I am looking for a new home for him
    - he is an 8 months old, healthy little border collie mix ( vaccinated, deparasited, house clean) brown and white dotted, a very soft and gentle character, and clever, around 12kg and 50cm high (mid size)
    - he perfectly gets on with children/other dogs due to his gentle, friendly, open (even trusting?) nature
    - Training him sit/down was extraordinarly fast as I haven't experienced ever before -

    Longer Story:

    I was living in Solo when Chiko crossed my way daily and I immediately fell in love. He was supposed to serve as a Sunday roast for his old owner, just another cheap piece of meat so I asked to adopt him. For 3 months now I have tried to find out and fulfill the regulations by indonesian/european customs to take him with me, but in the end there was only a slight chance to get everything right in time and that did Not happen

    I am more than sad and desperate and the only Thing I can do now is to find him a new, loving home.

    My E-mail is [email protected], I am available for questions/fotos/ any kind at any time!
    Please help us, if you know anybody in Java (anywhere!)

    Carina and Chiko
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    aawwwwwww... poor hound.

    have you tried to contact Jogja Animal Friends?

    They're considerably closer to you since you're only like 60 kilometers away from Jogja.

    Good luck. Btw, is he neutered yet?


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      I've forwarded to my friend who is looking for a collie mix dog.
      The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.


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        Originally posted by jstar
        Hmm. In three months time it's perfectly possible to arrange moving a dog from Java to any country in Europe. But I don't say it's cheap. If you can't afford it or don't want to pay for that, perhaps it's better to say so.
        It can take much longer than 3 months. When my parents were preparing to take our dog and cat back from the USA to Europe they started working on it a year in advance. They still had to leave them with my sister in the USA for a couple of months as no animals were allowed to fly out of Texas at the time of year that they left as it would have been dangerous due to the heat.
        The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.


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          Dear Carina,

          Just reading your post and for sure always impossible for me to ignore this kind of post. you have a good heart dear and i will try to help but the pic is too small, if possible could you attach or send me the bigger size photos of Chiko ? i will pm you my personal email. I really wanna help but i can't promise you will hear good news from me. sometimes we are lucky sometimes we are not that lucky. Hope Chiko will finally find a good family to stay with. Good Luck and send my kiss to Chiko !
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            Dear friends,
            thank you so so much for those with constructive thoughts and help. Unfortunately the system did not allow a bigger picture.

            To those who know it better and are apparently very quick in their judgements - Such comments leave me just speechless and horified. I am not, after considering this, going to defend myself on this. Just two things: first it took me a long way to to even consider writing this request and second this little story involves an animal, a living individual, not a machine so even if you arrange things perfectly, conditions can change,so just think twice next time before judging.

            To things that are simply wrong such as timing:
            - chip and vaccinationations (rabies)
            - 30 days for second rabies
            - 30 days for serology test ( carried out by an EU approved lab so at least 10more days)
            - 3 months of quarantine wait before import.
            so in total it takes 4-6 months but that (and the costs) is NOT the point. The dog needs to be healthy and his body needs to 'react' as anticipated to fulfil this tight time schedule.


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              Well spoken.
              So, what if your dog doesn't pass the serology requirements? What if the titer is not high enough for eu standards after second? What if the blood samples do not even arrive at the labs in eu? What if you're in a small provincial town where your vet doesn't even speak English nor understands the difference of distinct vaccine standards, the necessity of centrifugali sing to send serum, if they don't even have such things. And at least what if you keep your general advice to the standard procedure (that I very well considered before taking the dog) but not with exceptions. I have spoken to organizations, companies, government vets here and back in Germany, endless discussions, result remains the same. And yes speaking directly to German customs and government vets and the eu lab in giessen, you have to wait 3 months after serology results to import the dog, no way around. Plus the fact that some periods of the year are well advised against for transport or even denied due to temperature regulations for living freight.

              However, no I'd prefer not to deal with your exceptional but general advice in this case. For my part, I am fed up with smart-alecky, pre-judged comments with no background to my specific Case. Thanks anyway.

              Originally posted by jstar
              You really want me to react on this? Yes, conditions can change. And bad planning can take place too.

              Two rabies vaccinations are not necessary (unless Japan/Taiwan). A second one is called a booster shot and can be applied within a year.

              3 months of quarantine wait before import? Quarantine is not necessary if you have a veterinary certificate, even in the UK. Also, it has nothing to do with timing issues in Indonesia since if quarantine is required, it takes place in the target country after the flight.

              So, it is perfectly possible to get everything in order within 55 days.

              Also, I get a bit fed up with all these 'I have a dog/cat and can't take it with me back to my own country' stories and calls. Not speechless and horrified [sic], just angry. People need to realize what the implications are if they take in an animal and that they are dealing with a living individual [sic] before they do that. And in the end, there is no difference between buying/adopting/finding on the street/receiving as present. Not for the animal at least.