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Himalayan 1/2 breed kitten needs forever home

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  • Himalayan 1/2 breed kitten needs forever home

    Hi all,
    In addition to the brother/sister pair I've adopted, I found a 3rd kitten 2 weeks ago in the bogor botanical garden, soaked to the bone, filthy, and both eyes closed with infection. Took him home, cleaned him up, and got him treated for worms, cleared up the infection,etc. at the vet. Now he's happy as a clam, super friendly, good with my other cats (looooves playing and cuddling with them), and very well litter trained, etc. He's about 6-7 weeks now and I'd like to place him no sooner than 8 weeks although anytime after that is probably fine.

    He's half himalayan by the looks of him and the vet agrees: slightly fluffy, blue eyes, coffee color with darker ears. He doesn't have the flat face, which I'm glad about personally. I like a good pointy nose.

    I've named him Jamoca. I had hopes that my neighbor would take him but her hands are full with two small kids. So I'm looking for a good home. I'm in Bogor but can travel to the right family if you're serious about keeping him. I'm leaving Indonesia after a year and can deal with flying two cats back, but 3 is just too much :-)

    I'm happy to pay for neutering and would ask that anyone who adopts him agree to have that done.
    Photos below--he's a cutie

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    Oh dear, what a cutie.

    Unfortunately, our hands are full too with two cats and one dog. Why don't you put it on uppercrust too?


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      Good Idea, I'll do that today!


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        it's look like indonesian cat on the street, but still cute


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          Hi Rebecca,

          Is the kitten still available? Please email me at my personal email, [email protected]

          Thank you!