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    or dab yourself allover with handyclean... no germ guaranteed ...
    Originally posted by jstar View Post
    ...wash yourself before and use a fresh waslap
    dont judge a book by it cover. judge it by it price. good books are expensive


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      Originally posted by shaking head View Post
      how can a woman get cervical cancer due to husband's behavior ?? Besides....there are also cases of husbands getting HIV infected due to their wife's behaviour
      So, wedlock doesn't guarantee clean sex, right?

      I'm not sure about the rate of husbands getting infected with HIV from their wives' sex life. In Indonesia, wives are supposed to be loyal to the husband no matter what. While men can do whatever they want and barely any would judge them.
      But, slowly but surely, it's changing now thanks to the law against domestic abuse.


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        I'll second this:
        Originally posted by sweetmaria View Post
        You want relationship? Sure. It will require work. Don't expect sex when you want a relationship.
        Don't expect sex. But if you're sincere and commit with the relationship, it will come as a bonus. And the best for sure


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          "I am looking for open minded people"
          "I am looking for a healthy sexuality"
          "I'm looking for an ally, someone I can be myself with, without having to filter anything. Indeed I am desperate"
          "I feel like an alien here"

          From all above 3 statements, the conclusion is He is just looking for an open minded woman who accept the same vision for healthy sexuality and have the same way of thinking like him. that's why he needs an ally not just a partner or GF because he knows it's very rare to woman in Indonesia to have free sex relationship with foreign guy just for pleasure and care. it's taboo here. correct. so only certain girl who won't ask money but also seek the same need to fulfill will think otherwise. yes i don't agree this kind of relationship is healthy, indeed it's very unhealthy. Simple said " Friends for Benefit" typically two people who have casual sex without a monogomous relationship or any kind of commitment. if this is the issue now ? even if it's true, i have learn not to judge anyone as long as no one will be insulted or harassed in the process. but usually in the end, people who do this kind of relationship will realize this is not the good thing to do, all is just temporary excitement, without emotion there is no love, without love there is no happiness but what has been done in the past can't be undo.
          I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil.i'm just.. human


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            So you want sex with someone who expects neither money nor commitment. To not expect money the girl has to be financially secure herself. To not expect a commitment she has to be very liberal, or already in a commitment and just looking for something on the side.

            So, you either want a bule or a rich liberal Indo girl, which Jakarta has very few of and is probably above your level, or a rich tante looking for a boy toy.


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              Ah ya, brondong.
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