[COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333]All members are urged to be extremely careful when meeting individuals encountered through the forum. The vast majority of LII readers are nice people and a number of real-life friendships have resulted from the forum. But it has come to the attention of the moderators recently (not for the first time) that female forum members have been the victims of forceful, unwanted sexual advances when they met with a male who contacted them after noticing their participation in this forum.

We strongly advise everyone, but especially young women who may be the most vulnerable to this kind of attack, to be very careful when meeting new individuals/prospective dates. Be aware that while you may genuinely be looking for a friend or a slowly developing romantic relationship, it's possible the person you are meeting with may assume that by virtue of meeting up on a one-to-one basis you are automatically consenting to a sexual relationship. If this is not the case, you must be very careful.

Use the same degree of caution you would for anyone you meet on the internet: meet only in a public place, tell friends and family where you are going and exactly who you are meeting, be sure you have the means to leave immediately and safely on your own if the situation seems uncomfortable, and do not go to a secluded place with anyone until you have met the individual multiple times and are sure that you can trust them to respect your boundaries.
[COLOR=#000000]The Living in Indonesia Expat Forum does not organize, sponsor, endorse, approve, or have any formal association with meetings of members or any activities that may occur at those meetings. We don't vouch for any individual or for group organizing an event. Meet up with forum members, especially on a one-to-one basis, at your own risk.

If you use the the forum as a vehicle to publicize a get-together, we require that the organizer create a list of all the users invited and circulate this list to all participants before the event.[/COLOR]