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    Personally I am secure in my own sexuality therefore I am not intimidated by Gay people, neither do I hate them for any reason. Like you mentioned in a earlier post a lot of people are more transfixed on the gay sex aspect of being gay and are unable to look beyond that to the fact that like everyone else, gay people also want loving relationships, security and respect just like the rest of us.

    I have always thought that the type of guys that perpetuate hate and violence against gays are either really insecure about their own sexuality (takut suka) or have something to hide. I have a few gay friends here in Bali and its no big deal so if you ever come down this way drop me a line.


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      hi, salam kenal robert 081281500041. just call me to know each other. thanks


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        So as the title suggests, I'm Owen Daniel lukman Indonesian 24 years of age and gay. I'm looking to meet or befriend with anyone. Gay too ofc jst for fun then might go to next step 

        If somebody intrested please contact 
        p.s: I'm not after your money, am good on my own^^